Today, it is very obvious that internet use is increasing and becoming widespread. Still, we departed from fact that there is a segment that is not capable of accessing internet. We would like to share with you our new project which we have revealed by estimating that making a job application with a single telephone will attract you.

We consider this service which is accessible through a standard city tariff running across the entire country, as an innovation which is the outward-looking character of our brand. Besides our recruitment line is currently up and running, receiving calls from eager applicants.

Just to give a few particulars on how the system works,

Call center agents receive the calls and take down preliminary details from the callers. The details of interested candidates are forwarded to the restaurants for initial assessment, and those found suitable are invited for and interview. Candidates who make it through the interviews are employed at our call centers, restaurants or headquarters.

The system allows us to accurately record and report candidate and application details. By entering the criteria looked for in a candidate, we can establish a quicker and healthier communication with the candidates.

Fifteen employees at our call center are trained to deal with incoming applications for openings at Burger King®, Sbarro®, Popeyes®, Arby's® and Usta Dönerci®. We have also trained and assigned 2 HR experts, based in our headquarters, to report calls received by the call center and establish coordination with the restaurants.

We are waiting for the applications of candidates who are excited about out trademarks and meet the criteria.


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