TAB GIDA has been operating in Turkey’s food industry since 1994, and started its fast-food sector activities in 1995 by obtaining the master franchisee rights of Burger King® that was brought to Turkey.

TAB Gıda never compromises quality and health principles in the food sector and added Sbarro®, a company that offers traditional and exquisite “Italian” tastes of Naples, to its portfolio in 2007. Hundreds of tastes shared worldwide by Sbarro® offering traditional and delicious Italian tastes of Naples are delivered to many points throughout Turkey with nearly 80 restaurants in about 30 provinces with the experience of TAB Gıda.

Another brand that came into operation in 2007, was Popeyes®, which has brought special spiced chicken pieces to the Turkish people. Popeyes®, where traditional recipes meet with Louisiana cuisine, continues to serve unique tastes to customers with a restaurant network growing daily with more than 200 restaurants in more than 40 provinces today.

Arby’s®, which is distinguished from its competitors with its unprecedented products, has been operating in Turkey since September 2010 with the assurance of TAB Gıda. Arby’s® changed the perception of fast food with authentic menus with distinguished flavors, reaching 70 restaurants throughout Turkey.

TAB GIDA, has created the Usta Dönerci® trademark by transferring 20 years of experience in the sector. Usta Dönerci® aims to offer the most suitable and appropriate product to the customers by combining it with the best price and the highest quality with its employees, who are experts in their areas. The unique taste of Usta Dönerci® comes from the carefully selected ingredients and traditional preparation methods.

Usta Dönerci® prepares products under high hygiene conditions, without compromising traditional preparation methods, and always offers reliable, tasty products and döner varieties with outstanding quality standards. TAB GIDA invites the customers of Usta Dönerci® to experience thousands of years of Anatolian taste traditions. Today, Usta Dönerci® serves with more than 130 restaurants in Turkey and TRNC.

Offering a wide range of delicate food from soup to salad and from meatball to sandwiches, Döner Stop’s menu becomes more unique each day as it enriches the traditional döner kebab taste with a blend of diverse sauces.

Döner Stop, which serves its customers with the assurances of TAB Gıda, now hosts the lovers of döner kebab at its 5 restaurants in Istanbul.


TAB Gıda has established an unprecedented food ecosystem in the fast food service restaurant chain category. TAB Gıda's system is a system that solves all the food managements’ problems single handedly.

All meat products used in TAB Gıda trademarks are produced at Ekur Et Integrated facilities, which is a group company located at Suluova region of Amasya. The facility is spread over an area of 92,000m2 with a indoor space of 40,000m2. Ekur Et Integrated Facility has a completely integrated production system from slaughtering to packaging, and contributes greatly to livestock fattening activities in the region with its capacity to slaughter 400 cattle per day and 120 thousand cattle per year and process 33,600 tons of meat carcass annually.

Another group company, Atakey Patates plant, covers the potato needs of the TAB Gıda trademarks. Atakey Patates was founded in Afyon in 2012 with a 50 million dollar investment and has the potato processing capacity of 120,000 tons per year.

TAB Gıda also supplies the burger buns, which has a very important role in the final taste of consumer products, from another sister firm, Ekmek Unlu Gıda Sanayi. With a bun production capacity of 15 million per month, they aim to offer the highest standard products to the customers.

TAB Gıda supplies its salad needs from another group company, Fasdat Sebze Doğrama, that was founded in 2010 with a plant located in Antalya. At their site, there is a vegetable processing capacity of 1,500 kg/hour, 22.5 tons daily in two shifts, 675 tons per month and 8,100 tons per year. Green vegetables are washed with ozone water and packed automatically untouched and transported to restaurants with refrigerated trucks

The installation and regular maintenance of kitchen equipment is performed by MES Mutfak. Restaurant constructions are carried out by Ekur Insaat and the purchasing and supply chain is provided by other group company named Fasdat. Advertising services are provided by Reklam Üssü.


TAB Gıda has started to provide very-well equipped training to employees in order to offer customers the highest quality and the fastest service at all times via the purpose built TAB Akademi. Offering all the employees with well-equipped training in the sector by this academy, TAB Gıda raises young and professional prospective executives, making sure that the employees are trained on issues such as food safety, customer relations, food technologies, electro-mechanic and marketing etc. starting from the very first day. TAB Gıda continues to raise employees, who are thoroughly experts in their own fields, by means of TAB Akademi that pursues a complete academic procedure in itself.


TAB Gıda attaches great importance to food safety and quality standards and has adopted the principle that products of every trademark under TAB Gıda’s umbrella are in compliance with health and hygiene conditions. Veal and poultry meat are used in all meat products presented to consumers at TAB Gıda restaurants. Furthermore,ingredients which are not in compliance with the Turkish Food Codex Regulation are not used in any products. All products are prepared completely in accordance with international quality standards in terms of transportation, cooking, service standards as well as health and hygiene regulations.

All meat products that are shipped to restaurants arrive in sealed packaging by BRC certified suppliers, which are transported in vehicles with a storage temperature of -18ºC. When the shipment vehicles arrive at the restaurants, the temperatures of the vehicles and meat are checked by the managers and recorded. Once their expiry dates and packaging procedures are checked, the meat is shipped to restaurant storage rooms without breaking the cold chain. Storage temperatures fixed at -18ºC and (1-4) ºC are checked at least 3 times a day and before each shipment with a thermometer despite the temperature indicators on them. In addition, all shipments in Turkey and temperatures of vehicles during the transportation are also monitored.

TAB has set standards for specific temperature and retention times for all food products. These standards are designed to ensure that products are of the best quality. Also, the internal temperatures of all cooked meat used at the restaurants are checked 5-6 times a day provided that it is once in maximum of every 3 hours. These records are kept in the restaurant archive for at least 3 years.

The cooking procedures have been specially designed to kill all pathogenic (microbial) microorganisms that are likely to be present in raw meat. All meat products are cooked in a way so that their inner temperature is a minimum of 68ºC.

Furthermore, the fat content of sauces served at restaurants has been reduced by 50 percent, and while our breads do not contain flavor enhancers, sugar and salt content are kept to a minimum. In addition, all potatoes served in our restaurants are produced without any additives and milk products such as ice cream and milkshakes are made from real milk.

In our restaurant chains, all employees are subject to certified training on 'food safety' and 'hygiene'. All employees strictly comply with hand washing procedures and wash their hands in with water at 38°C once every 15 minutes.

Although all suppliers have BRC certificates and practices , suppliers are regularly inspected by the TAB Food Quality Assurance Department according to risk categories to ensure product quality and food safety. Tab Gıda stops purchasing from producers unless they obtain a minimum score of 70 from these inspections. They are allowed time to remedy the issues indentifed, however only after the issues are remedied, can work start again with them. This allows us to monitor the product quality and food safety and also ensure an increase in customer satisfaction through offering hygienic, healthy and safe products.


TAB Gıda supplies all the raw materials used at the restaurants from the domestic large suppliers and works with the most reliable trademarks of Turkey and the world, such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Fritolay, Amasya Et Ürünleri, Beypiliç, Exotic, Özgörkey, Atakey, Assan and BTA.


The most important mission of TAB Gıda, the leader of the food sector in Turkey, is to keep offering healthy and delicious products to the Turkish people, and by doing so, making sure that every customer leaves the restaurant satisfied with the fast and friendly service received. Striving to serve Turkish people from more points by increasing the number of restaurants every day, TAB Gıda owes its leadership in the sector to the trust inspired by the high quality and delicious products and its professional business understanding. Also contributing immensely to employment in Turkey, TAB Gıda has 20,000 employees including franchise operators, which shows the contribution of TAB Gıda to the Turkish economy.


Address: Dikilitaş District Emirhan Street No:109 Beşiktaş / İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 310 66 00
Fax: +90 212 236 56 45
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